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Ascension Baptist Church Statement on Abuse Prevention

Every church is to be a place of safety from abuse of any type. To fail in this regard would be a betrayal of the Lord we serve. It is heartbreaking and disturbing to know that, even within our Southern Baptists churches, there have been cases of exploitation and abuse. A recently-released article in the Houston Chronicle sheds light on the scope of these scandals. We take very seriously our responsibility to protect those placed within our care. In the event that you have experienced the heartache of abuse, we want to assure you that there is hope for healing. 

Across the years we have taken steps to prevent abuse of children (birth – 18 years) and special needs adults. Some of these include:

  • Abuse and Neglect Policy – Ascension published a document outlining abuse and neglect policies in 2012. All staff and all volunteers working with children and special needs adults receive a copy of these policies. 

  • Background Checks/References – Prior to hiring, background checks are performed on all prospective staff members and all adult volunteers working with children and special needs adults. Additionally, staff and volunteers agree to have this background check repeated on a regular basis. References are required for all prospective staff members and any volunteers working with children and special needs adults.

  • Vetting Volunteers – All volunteers working with children and special needs adults are thoroughly vetted by Ascension staff and are “known individuals” in our church and its ministries. 

  • Security Cameras – An extensive network of security cameras is in use throughout our facilities.

  • Classrooms – To provide a safe atmosphere in our classrooms, all preschool/children’s doors have a window for accountability and also allows hall monitors the ability to check on classroom functions.

  • Local Authorities – Ascension is a mandatory reporter and, as such, is required to report any cases of abuse and/or neglect to local authorities. Our staff members who oversee children’s ministry and student ministry receive training and are aware of our mandatory reporting status.  

These recent revelations have further strengthened our resolve to protect every person that participates in any activity that we host or sponsor. Here are some additional measures that we will implement:

  • We will perform a review of our employee manual and guidelines and make any appropriate changes.

  • We will perform a review of our abuse and neglect policies and make any appropriate changes.

  • We will provide additional training for our staff to help identify and prevent abuse and neglect.


Please join with me to pray and labor for the well-being of each and every person who participates in the ministries of Ascension Baptist Church.


Pastor Robert

13432 Airline Highway

Gonzales, LA. 70737

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

P: 225-644-0111