Calendar and Facility Request

Responsibility: I agree and understand that this event is subject to the facilities and event policies of Ascension Baptist Church. I also agree and understand at the conclusion of my event it is my responsibility to ensure the area is set-up and ready to use Sunday morning. This includes cleaning and putting away all items used, throwing trash in the dumpster and cleaning bathrooms and stocking it with paper supplies.

*Please note if you are using the facility for a non-ministry event you will be charged a $75.00 fee payable before the event. The responsibilities listed above are still in effect even if you pay the fee. 

**Please type your name and date below as confirmation that you will comply with the above stated requirements to use the facilities.

*Please be reminded that an event cannot be promoted until you have received approval.

Resources Needed:

If you need resources like sound or media, please give a description of what your needs are.

If you need tables and chairs, please list the amount needed below. 
The staff will look over all calendar and facility requests on Monday morning at staff meeting. You will be notified by email whether or not the staff were able to approve your request. If there is a scheduling conflict the staff will work with you to find another date for your event.