What is Team Reach?

Team Reach is the Heartbeat of Ascension Baptist Church.  Team Reach is our Outreach and Inreach Ministry.  

We currently have over 125 individuals from teenagers to senior adults involved in this ministry opportunity.  

Most Outreach Ministries consist of a Week Night Visitation Program, but Team Reach is a comprehensive process

which utilizes a team approach to ensure fewer and fewer are missed.

Outreach Teams

  • Door to Door Survey:  We will target a five mile radius around the church. A map of the area will be posted on a wall to monitor progress.  We will use the survey questions given to us by the pastor and will share the Gospel when possible. If needed, training will be provided. We will deliver a Church Ministry Packet to each house. 

  • Church Visitation:  The teams will consist of 2 people and sometimes a youth may also be assigned to the teams.   The teams are assigned to make visits one week per month.  When it is your week to visit, you will receive a card(s) on Sunday night (when possible) with pertinent information about the guest.

  • Home-bound:  Our mission seeks to share the love of Jesus through providing an opportunity for members or others who are connected with our church and are unable to regularly attend to remain involved in the church.

  • Telephone: This team will be a telephone contact group. They may be assigned to call recent guests, guests from past years, church members not enrolled in Sunday School, inactive church members not enrolled in Sunday School, to tell them about special events, etc.  

  • Prayer: The Prayer Team will be divided into seven sections. Each person that signed up for the Prayer Team will be given an opportunity to serve on one or two of the prayer teams.

  • Mail-outs:  This group will write cards and letters for our Team Reach and assist with mail-outs from our office when needed. They will write cards to our absentees, Age-group ministry families, Vacation Bible School families, Outreach Opportunities families, inactive church members, our guests, etc., inviting them to ABC. They will also be asked from time to time to write Sympathy Cards, Get Well cards, or cards for other occasions.

  • Assimilate Ministry Packets:  This team will assemble Church Ministry Packets for Guests and/or Prospect Visitation Teams and Door-to-Door Surveying/Witnessing Teams to deliver to our guests and our targeted areas.

Team Reach Leadership

If you are interested in serving on one of the following outreach teams see the coordinator:

  • Gloria Thompson

    Team Reach Coordinator

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  • Beverly Hull

    Door-to-Door Survey

    Guest Visitation

    Packet Assimilation

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  • Rhonda Martin


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  • Marti Mire




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