Student Ministry

Everything in God’s Ministry should be done with Excellence!

Student Ministry Is Personal, Relational, and an Intentional Partnership, so we must engage Young People and their Families.

Mission & Vision

Purpose Statement

The purpose of our student ministry is to help pre-teens and teens to seek out the lost and share Jesus Christ with them, so they can have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and come into fellowship with the church. Finally, God will change the lives of our friends and family, and the world that we live in.

Mission Statement

To seek out the lost, so they may have the opportunity to find Jesus Christ and bring them into the church fellowship.

Vision Statement

To lose the life that is out of this world, and find the life in Christ that is pleasing to God. 

Spiritual Affirmation

Deuteronomy 6:5-7

Matthew 10:39

Romans 12:1-2

1 Timothy 4:12

Weekly Activities


  9:15 AM      Small Group Bible Study

10:30 AM      Morning Worship

4:00 PM       Creative Ministry

5:3O PM      Student Worship

7:00 PM       Fellowship (1st & 3rd Sunday)


6:30 PM     In-depth Bible Study

                   Bible Drill (7th-9th Grade Option)

7:30 PM    Student Worship Team Practice

Sunday Night Ministry Opportunities

Our weekly opportunities for your students to get involved and strengthen their relationship with fellow Christians. Scroll down to see more.

Creative Ministry

Creative Ministries exist to minister to people of all ages through interpretive movement, puppetry, drama, music, humor, and personal testimony. This ministry team will serves as a witness of Jesus Christ, with each person using his/her God given talents and abilities.


The goal of Creative Ministries is to teach students (7th – 12th Grade) to minister and evangelize to people of all ages, especially the LOST, through the use of creative worship.

Scriptural Basis:

Colossians 3:23-24

What Do Creative Ministries Do?:

Personal Testimony

Interpretive Movement / Human Videos



Videos of Opportunities to Lead

Creative Ministry is an avenue to lead people in worship with both spoken word or movement.




Student Worship

Sunday nights, our young people meet in the youth center.  Student Worship is a place where student have the opportunity to worship God with their peers and through the preaching of God’s word on topics applicable to their lives.


After the Student Worship on the 1st & 3rd Sunday, we have SNAC, which stands for Sunday Nights After Church. Each student is invited to come to stay after worship for food and games. The purpose of SNAC is for the student pastor and his family, to build deeper relationships with the families of our students. SNAC ends promptly at 8:00PM.

Wednesday Night Student Minstry

On Wednesday Nights, our students have options! They can participate in Bible Drill or an In-depth, facilitated Bible study discussion.  During Summer months, all students meet together for the in-depth Bible Study.

  • Student Bible Study

    A new perception among many evangelicals that Bible study is dangerous.  A woman once said in a Bible study told her leader that her pastor had discouraged in-depth Bible study, saying it promoted the pursuit of “useless Bible knowledge.” The Bible Study leader thought  that’s an oxymoron. If all Scripture is God-breathed and profitable, surely there is no such thing as “useless” Bible knowledge. So, why so many warnings that studying the Bible could actually be perilous to our spiritual health?

    Some people are afraid of the unknown, or they must have all of the answers before they can teach the Word of God.  In our Student ministry, we do not shy away from the tough questions that our students maybe asking, but we tackle them together through a corporate, facilitated Bible Study!

  • 7th-9th Grade Bible Drill

    Student Bible Drill is an exciting way for teenagers to learn to use their Bibles to meet the challenges of life. It involves com- petition, but that is not what Student Bible Drill is all about. If teenagers can locate a verse quickly, learn to answer a question using Scripture, become familiar enough with key verses that they can locate them from a few words — those teens are winners!

    Students can quickly become focused on winning the drill. It is important for leaders to remind them of the more profound goal — to learn to use the Book of Life to make a difference for today and tomorrow.

    Students Bible Drill is a church event for youth in grades 7 through 9. While preparing for the drill, Students develop skills in using their Bibles — locating books and verses, memorizing passages, and locating passages dealing with doctrinal and eth- ical concerns. Working together to prepare for the drill, teenagers increase their love for the Bible; its words and phrases become a part of them. Students also gain poise and con- fidence as they respond to drill calls with speed and accuracy.

  • High School Bible Drill

    Bible Drill is an interactive way for students to learn the Bible.

    High School Bible Drill is for youth in grades 10- 12. High School Bible Drill helps students study and trust God's Word as they grow in Christian maturity, memorize verses about salvation and basic biblical beliefs, and develop confidence and poise in speaking the truths of the Bible. High School Bible Drill is made up of three numbered cycles which rotate during a three- year period. 

Resources & Forms

We are committed to being an influence to families through the students we work with and to influence "families of the future," as we minister to students who will move on and build new family relationships. We realize that what we do is only an extension of your spiritual influence at home with your students. Please see below for resources to better equip you as you embrace the calling of parenthood. 

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